To keep in line with general solicitation regulations, venture communities require that community admins approve or pre-approve all members looking to join their community.

To send invites, simply go to the Members section and click “Send an Invite.”

We’ve crafted the invite section to fit a wide range of use cases:

Mass Invites

Looking to invite hundreds or thousands of people at the same time? Click “Bulk Import” and paste in a list of email addresses that should be allowed to join.


As a user onboards, you can automatically grant them a role (like Founder, Limited Partner, Admin, etc.) that gives or gates access to particular data/products on Venture OS. This Roles feature helps you organize your group further and is the core reason why venture groups feel comfortable bringing stakeholders of all kind through the Venture OS.

Open Invites

If Open Invites are enabled, anyone with the link to your group can request to join. Regardless, organizations are always protected from unwelcome members as the owner will need to accept member requesting to join via this method.

Some groups may want to require a recurring/one time fee for joining. For example, an angel group may charge annual dues.

Simply enable “Entry fee/investment amount” to set paid entry configurations, like:

  • minimum/maximum fee that must be paid
  • exact fee that must be paid
  • a monthly or annual fee to maintain membership

If an onboarding is rejected, the user will be refunded. If the organization owner doesn’t respond to the onboarding request with funds within 6 months, funds are also refunded.