Integrate an unlimited amount of custom modules to make joining your group clear as can be. Some examples:

Accredited Investor Checks

Many syndicates and angel groups require that all members are accredited investors. You can enable accredited investor checks to occur as a member onboards.

Some groups may want to require a recurring/one time fee for joining. Check out sending an invite for paid entry.

E Signatures

Require onboarding members to sign any custom agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, Terms of Service, LLC Agreement, etc.) as part of their onboarding.

Custom Code

Execute any custom code. Reach out to the Seed Labs team for help with this.


Run a KYC/KYB check on new members.

Custom Text

Add any custom text to the onboarding flow, e.g. a welcome message, instructions, etc. Complete with checkboxes for members to confirm they’ve read and understood the text.

External Forms

We currently support:

  • Google Form
  • Typeform
  • Airtable